Calling all Open Data Maker’s to Revolutionize Food Security!

During the GODAN Summit 2016 happening September 15-16, 2016, GODAN is hosting the Open Data Maker’s Hackathon, bringing together software and agricultural innovators to create the beginnings of practical solutions that allow for better utilizing, collecting, and/or making more accessible open data to improve our food system.

Added bonus: attending the Open Data Maker’s Hackathon grants you free access to the GODAN Summit 2016, bringing together high level government, industry, and NPO organizations around open data in agriculture and nutrition. This is a $75 value with tremendous networking opportunity.


In an effort to support young, next generation innovators, this hackathon is intended for current university students and/or entrepreneurs 26 years old and younger.



The hackathon will aim to answer the following challenge:

How might we allow for better utilization, collection, and/or accessibility to open data such that we can improve our food system and our chances at food security?

We are seeking solutions that must fit into one of the following categories:

  1. Improve Growing Plant Innovations: Using open data to improve how and where we grow our food.
  2. Empower the Crowd: Using open data to improve how we leverage the crowd’s actions and knowledge to create a better food system.
  3. Improve Nutrition and Health: Using open data to improve how we track, make available, and improve nutrition in our daily diets.
  4. Deliver Climate Smart Agriculture: Using open data to improve agriculture’s resilience in the face of a changing climate.
  5. Meet the Protein Frontier: Using open data to improve how we address the growing demand for protein, and the opportunity for more sustainable and alternative proteins.

Hackathon Sponsors


$6,000 in prizes

First Place

Plus copy of Datopolis - The Open Data Board Game
Winning teams will also receive the opportunity for entrance into the GODAN Mentoring Program, powered by Thought For Food, where they will receive business mentorship and guidance on building their concept. In addition, as a result of successful completion of the GODAN Mentoring Program, teams will join the GODAN Challenge finalists in competing for the grande finale prize of the GODAN Global Open Data Challenge of $5000 and a trip to an international food security summit (summit TBD)

Second Place

Plus copy of Datopolis - The Open Data Board Game

Third Place

Plus copy of Datopolis - The Open Data Board Game

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Daniel Grushkin

Daniel Grushkin
GenSpace NYC

Christine Gould

Christine Gould
Thought For Food Foundation

Max Richman

Max Richman
DataKind & GeoPoll

Yiqing Cai

Yiqing Cai

Judging Criteria

  • Innovative Use of Open Data
    How innovative is the use of open data? Is this simply show and tell, or is there thoughtful analysis and cross referencing, allowing the user to infer multiple sets of data in a relatively new way.
  • Design
    Is the UI attractive or pleasing enough for users to start using the project? I have been pushing users to focus on tech aspect and use open source libraries to build a good looking UI when they have no designer on board.
  • Solves a real problem
    Is the demo trying to really solve an existing problem or is everything a visualization? Is there the potential for this to have impact in one of the five categories listed.
  • Technology
    Building a solution that can be demo’d to judges is the key. It does not need to be fully functional, or even a solid prototype.
  • Hack Progress
    Team has demonstrated significant progress during the hackathon event.

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